Different Branches Of Science


Branch Concerning Field
Aeronautics Science of flight of airplanes.
Astronomy Study of heavenly bodies.
Agronomy Science dealing with crop plant.
Angiology Deals with the study of blood vascular system.
Anthology Study of flower.
Anthropology Study of apes and man.
Apiculture Honey industries (Bee Keeping).
Araneology Study of spiders.
Batracology Study of frogs.
Biochemistry Deals with the study of chemical reactions in relation to life activities.
Biotechnology Deals with the use of micro-organisms in commercial processes for producing fine chemicals such as drugs;vaccines;hormones,etc. on a large scale.
Cardiology Study of heart.
Craniology Study of skulls.
Cryptography Study of secret writing.
Cryogenics Study concerning with the application and uses of very low temperature.
Cytology Study of cells.
Dermatology Study of skin.
Ecology The study of relationship between organisms and environment.
Entomology Study of insects.
Etiology Study of cause of insects.
Eugenics Study of improvement of human race by applying laws of heredity. it is related with future generations.
Evolution Deals with the study of origin of new from old.
Exbiology Deals with life or possibilities of life beyond the earth.
Floriculture Study of flower yielding plants.
Geology Study of condition and structure of the earth
Genetics Study of heredity and variations.
Gerontology study of growing old.
Gynaecology Study of female reproductive organs.
Horticulture Study of garden cultivation.
Haematology Study of blood.
Hepatology Study of liver.
Iconography Teachings by pictures and models.
Immunology Science which deals with the study of resistance of organisms against infection.
Jurisprudence Science of law.
Kalology Study of human beauty.
Lexicography Compiling of dictionary.
Mycology Study of fungi.
Myology Study of muscles.
Nephrology Study of kidneys.
Neurology study of nervous system.
Numismatics Study of coins and medals.
Obstetrics Branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy.
Oneirology Study of dreams.
Ophthalmology Study of eyes .
Omithology Study of birds.
Osteology Study of bones.
Palaeontology Study of fossils.
Philately Stamp collecting.
Philology Study of languages.
Phonetics Concerning the sounds of a language.
Physiography Natural phenomenon.
Pedology Stydy of soils.
Pathology Study of disease causing organisms.
Phycology Study of algae.
Physiology Science dealing with the study of functions of various parts of organisms.
Pisciculture Study of fish.
Pomology Study of fruits.
Seismology Study of earthquakes.
Sericulture Silk industry(culture of silk moth and pupa).
Serpentology Study of snakes.
Telepathy Communication between two minds at a distance with the help of emotions, thoughts and feelings.
Taxonomy Study of classification of organisms.
Virology Study of virus.


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