Parliament of Other Countries

Country Parliament
Afghanistan Shora
Australia Parliament
Bangladesh Jatia Parliament
Bhutan Tasongadu
Canada Parliament
China National People Congress
Denmark Folketing
Egypt People’s Assembly
France National Assembly
Germany Bundestag
Great Britain Parliament
India Parliament (Sansad)
Iran Majlis
Ireland Dail Eireann
Israel Knesset Official Books of Various Country
Japan Diet Blue Book - An official report of the British Government.

Green Book - OfficialPublications of Itali and Persia

Grey Book - Official reports ofthe Government of Japan and Belgium.

Orange Book - Officialpublication of the Govt. of Netharlands.

White Book - Officialpublications of China, Germany and Potugal.

White Paper - Official Paper of the Govt. of Britain and India on a particular issue.

Yellow Book - Official paper of the Govt. of France.
Malaysia Majlis
Maldive Majlis
Magnolia Khural
Nepal Rasthtriya Panchayat
Netherlands States General
Norway Storting
Pakistan National Assembly
Poland Scym
Spain Crotes
Sweden Riksdag
South Africa Parliament
Switzerland Federal Assembly
Russia Duma
Taiwan Yuan
Turkey Grand National Assembly
U.S.A. Congress


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